The Little Things You Find.

Sometimes family history research can be incredibly frustrating when you hit a dead end. You are desperate to get to that next generation but can't seem to find any concrete information that gets you that step further. This was the case with Kendall Thomas George who lived in New South Wales, Australia. I had been able to find information of his descendants and their children but had no idea where Kendall had been born. There was no luck with looking through Australian births and I thought perhaps he was an immigrant but this was pure speculation. There were plenty of shipping records for Mr K. George, or just Mr George, but without knowing anything else, this too would be speculative.

Where to look next? It was a stroke of luck that I found a small article titled 'Missing Friends' in the 'World's News' in 1926, where a Kendall Thomas George was looking for a Ewart Carvossa George. Brothers? Surely? I must say it was exciting, particularly as Ewart Carvossa was such an unusual name. Further searching found that they were indeed brothers and had immigrated to Australia from England. English census records showed them living together with their parents. Another generation! Yay! Searching on Trove (Australia's digitised newspapers) is useful for finding small details that are often not available from larger sources, and this example shows that often the little things you find, are the most valuable!

Missing Friends Kendall George 1926 jpg.jpg