History of the Christmas Tree

The history of the Christmas tree is said to have originated in Germany as a pagan ritual around the 16th century. During the Winter Solstice many families would bring evergreen trees indoors as a way of brightening up their homes and to ward off any evil forces, or the devil. With the growing popularity of Christianity, Germans adorned their trees with apples to represent the Garden of Eden.

Decorating the Christmas tree with ornaments came into vogue around the mid 1800s, and this saw artisans creating beautiful and delicate glass baubles and trinkets. Edward Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, invented the Christmas tree lights in 1882 and became known as the ‘father of electric Christmas tree lights’. Ironically, Johnson died some 25 years later, from an electrical accident. Queen Victoria is credited with starting the tradition of Christmas trees in England, after marrying her German husband. Aristocratic families, following the Royal’s every move, soon took to the decorating of trees with gusto and would often try to out do each other with their lights and decorations.

Today, most households in Australia have a Christmas tree that they decorate with cherished decorations that hold special meaning. It is a joy to visit all the houses around our neighbourhoods that are adorned with lights and decorations. The temperature is warm, the air is fragrant, backyard cricket rules supreme (well sometimes..). I think we can all agree, it’s a wonderful time to cherish our family and friends.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

http://www.australiaentertains.com.au/2010/11/30/christmas-tree-decorations-101 KathrynPorritt

http://www.australiaentertains.com.au/2010/11/30/christmas-tree-decorations-101 KathrynPorritt