On this Day: 9 Novemeber 1841

Edward VII was born to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on the 9th November 1841, at Buckingham Palace. He was their second child but first son and heir. Upon his birth, Edward was bestowed with many titles such as the Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Saxony, but he would generally be known as the Prince of Wales. Education was very important for the Royal family, however it has been stated that Edward did not excel at his studies. Nonetheless he was charming, intelligent and social, something that would be of great benefit as he matured.

Edward scandalised the Royal family in 1861 when it was found out that he had spent three nights with an Irish actress. His parents were not amused and his father travelled to chastise him. Prince Albert, who was ill at the time of the visit, died two weeks later. Queen Victoria was grief stricken and blamed her son for his father's death. She regarded him with distaste and abhorrence for the rest of her life. 1

In Australia, Edward was a popular Prince and this is apparent in the Illawarra Mercury's birthday greeting in 1875. The colony and his 'legion of loyal subjects' wish him "many happy returns of the day" and states how 'genuine the feelings of regard and loyalty are within the breasts of the millions of British subjects worldwide'. 2

Edward at the time of his coronation

Edward at the time of his coronation


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